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Our Muji Home Reno Journey | Carpentry done

And finally, the most tedious part of our Muji Home Reno Journey is here. Our carpentry is finally done. D5 Studio Image once again impresses us with their efficient work. All these carpentry took less than 10 days to complete, in fact, it took them just a couple of days and a couple more days for some minor rectification. And do note, all these were done during the usual peak period for renovation - end of the year and rushing to handover before Chinese New Year. Once again. KUDOS to Dave and his team at D5 Studio Image . Throughout the renovation, even when they are working on the carpentry, we hardly have to make any visits and we will be pleasantly surprised with the progress whenever we pop by our unit over the weekend. Planning the carpentry for your home is no easy feat. You literally need to walk to every inch of your house and picture how you will use the space. Be prepared for plenty of debates with your other half whilst you're at it. For example, sit at the area

Our Muji Home Reno Journey | Let's warm our feet with Vinyl Flooring

The type of flooring you choose is definitely the most important decision you're required to make with regards to your home renovation. Do you know that the flooring is really the biggest piece of furniture in your entire house? There are just so many types of flooring these days so do your research in advance. Ask the people around you for their experience with the various type of flooring. It's a good thing that the porcelain flooring that came with our BTO optional scheme was too off-white for our liking so we did not opt in for the flooring, unlike our regretful decision to opt-in for sanitary fittings and the doors. Imagine the challenge we would have to have a porcelain flooring to go with our Muji style home. How is that even possible? As with the obvious Muji style, the flooring has to have the warm wood accent to it. But that doesn't mean that we can only use wood as our flooring. We have a few options to choose, real wood flooring, vinyl or laminate floor

Our Muji Home Reno Journey | Let there be light

Our lights and 2 Bestar ceiling fans from EG Lighting has arrived and it's time to install them. You may read about our review from EG lighting here . Honestly, it's been 5 months since we moved in so I may not have remembered details but I do vaguely remember luckily we asked Dave about the timeline for lighting and ceiling fan to be installed way ahead so we have the time to search around for lighting. Sometimes, Dave may forget to prep us ahead of time and he'll inform us things like oh, next week can install lights already or next week can do aircon trunking first and we'd scramble around to make the necessary purchases. So luckily for lighting, I've been doing my homework and saving bookmarks and doing comparisons here and there. Even after the purchase, it takes at least a week for EG Lighting to deliver the items as some stocks have to be indented. We've also labelled the lights so that they know which light to install for which room. Our ligh