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Are you a mummy or soon-to-be? Especially if you are a first time mummy, it's nerve wrecking preparing your shopping list for your new addition to the family! I remember when I was expecting Sticky Bean, I spent lots of time on google, reading reviews on the products and then spent lots of time looking around searching for the best deals. But when you are heavily pregnant, visiting tons of places will definitely be too challenging. I still remember I need to rest after just 10 - 15 minutes of walking! Well I had a huge tummy when preggie with Sticky Bean. The good news is, the much anticipated SuperMom Baby Fai r which will be held in August later this year decided to launch a pre-event sales with pre-order offers online from 27-29 June 2016 (Monday to Wednesday). You can shop from a variety of exclusive brands that will only be available at SuperMom including baby products from Clarins, Munchikins, Mothercare, Pigeon, Capella, Phillips Avent, Fisherprice, and more. SA

A trip to Farmart Centre - The Animal Corner

And so after her goat-feeding experience at the zoo, Sticky Bean has been requesting to go feed goats again. I'm definitely not going to go all the way to the zoo just for the goat-feeding session - not to mention having to pay the entrance fees as well. We intend to revisit Singapore Zoo with Sticky Bean again next month but a mummy simply can't ignore her child's incessant request to feed goats hence I research online to see where else can we feed goats. Well. I know about Hay diaries hosting visits as well but I'm not too sure if we are allowed to feed goats there. I've also heard about Farmart Centre since a long time ago, again I'm not too sure if they have goats there. Information from their website ain't exactly detailed. The best bet will be to read the reviews from other mummies blog! I can't express how grateful I am for the invention of a blog, a review from an outside opinion often provide much more information than the official websites.