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Denmark Trip: LEGOLAND Hotel, Billund, Denmark Review

Travelling period : Mid October 2017 Fligh t: KLM Airlines (outbound) and Air France (inbound) Hotel : LEGOLAND Hotel, Billund, Denmark I was very blessed to have the opportunity to travel to Europe for work. I have never been to Europe and this will be my furthest trip ever. We are attending the LEGO Education Partner Conference in Billund, Denmark, where the HQ of the LEGO group is. Billund is a small town in Denmark where LEGO was created! It is a relatively quiet town where the first LEGOLand and LEGOLand hotel was built. But I guess it ain't a popular tourist spot especially for tourist from Asia. There were only a handful of Asians in Billund. Being a not-so-popular destination, there weren't any direct flights available from Singapore so we did a transit in Amsterdam airport via KLM Airlines. It was a 12-13 hours flight to Amsterdam from Singapore and another 1hr+ flight to Billund from Amsterdam. Onboard KLM flight to Amsterdam We're pretty lucky, it seems like

List of accommodations with Japanese Style Rooms in Okinawa - not your usual list!

I've just started doing my research on Okinawa, a place I've been wanting to visit ever since I was a teenager and I'm so glad that my dream will be coming true next March.We'll be doing a Taiwan > Okinawa> Taiwan trip ! Whilst I'm still in the midst of doing my research, I would like to share with you a list of recommended accommodations in Okinawa with Japanese style rooms that are VERY DIFFERENT from the typical list you will read from other reviews, blogs or platforms.In this post, I will not talk about the popular resorts you see or heard often such as ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort, Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel Tancha Bay, Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa etc..Rather, I will share with you the list of unusual accommodations in Okinawa with Japanese style rooms.  It's a must for me to stay in one of those Japanese style rooms with tatamis during this trip to Okinawa.Do note, all estimated prices are based on our travel dates in March 2018.