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Sticky Bean's Milestones @ 3 months

Sticky Bean's milestones ain't fantastic given that she's a premature baby and the PD advised us to deduct 1.5 mths off for her developmental progress. This reminded me of how we were freaking if she could be autistic when she did not start babbling and take an interest in our faces when she's 2 mths old, unlike her cousin, Asher who is 5 days older than her. So at 3 months, these are the little milestones achieved. Review on Lamaze toys review on lamaze toy  review on lamaze toys  review on lamaze toys  review on lamaze toys  review on lamaze toys  review on lamaze toys  review on lamaze toys She finally took an interest in toys! she loves this Lamaze fairy with black and white patterns at the back of her wings and the tiny rattle that produces noise when she attempts to swing her fist at her.  Looking at her toy intensely and even started babbling to her toy. She loves to talk to this fairy and her interest in this toy lasted only 3 weeks, after which she

Reading Habit Starts Young! @ 3 months

After purchasing 2 books for Baby Ashlene from Books depository, i've decided to pop by the National Library to see if they have baby books for loan in order to save money. and to my delight, they have tons of selection! including the black and white books i've been trying to find for ages! gosh should have went to the library before purchasing the books online. As their colour vision is limited, they can probably only see black and white as well as red @ 3 month plus, hence getting a black and white high contrast book will be great for stimulating young babies. I found these books and they have plenty of selection still! decided to let baby ashlene try looking at the colourful books with flashes of bright colour polka dots and shapes but she seemed to only take interest in the black and white books. She really looked as though she's doing some serious reading and this, Daddy says she looks like ah pek reading newspaper, blowing bubble with her sa

Sticky Bean's Full Month Celebration

This is quite post dated, Baby Ashlene's full month celebration was held on 26 October 2013. As Sticky Bean arrived prematurely, I didn't have time to plan a nicely themed full month celebration for her. I will make it up for her 1 year old birthday. And yes, I did fulfill my promise.  CLICK HERE to check out her 1st Minnie Mouse Birthday Party . We're like in a rush for the whole day, we didn't even get a chance to take a family photo argh!!! here are the limited shots that we have, also thanks to a friend who took some really pretty pics of ashlene. DIY Full month banner DIY Full month banner    DIY Full month banner    DIY Full month banner    DIY Full DIY   Full month banner Not wanting to spend unnecessary money on ordering banners just for couple hours of usage, i've diy her banner! This is pretty simple to do, all you need is a printer at home, purchase some fancy paper and ribbons. Print the letters on A5 sizes, cut it with fancy patterned

Medela Freestyle Review

this is my first and only pump and i love it so much that i'd think it definitely deserves a review / recommendation from me!! medela freestyle pump review If you are looking at purchasing an electronic breast pump that costs hundreds of dollars, please please do purchase them early so you can purchase them at the major baby expo fairs and fully maximize your purchase with all the attractive free gifts and lucky dips at expo fairs. I had wanted to purchase mine in the October baby expo fair, but who knows baby ashlene arrived prematurely at 34 weeks, so we didn't manage to make it to the fair at all and after trying to use the medela swing single pump, i gave up totally, rushed out to kiddy palace during the first week of confinement to get the freestyle.  medela freestyle pump review Initially i was contemplating between freestyle or pump in style since i've heard plenty of positive reviews on how strong the suction is for pump in style, just that it's gona b

Joolz Stroller Review

A friend lent us the Joolz stroller. This 'atas' stroller is retailed at $1798  Price from , one of the super premium brands of strollers available. In terms of quality, the quality is really good, it makes pushing around and maneuvering a breeze, with suspension, it is stable and smooth for the baby. Baby ashlene seems to enjoy sleeping in this stroller even if we have to walk through a bumpy road. Joolz stroller review Joolz stroller review On the downside, the stroller is really bulky and makes moving around a challenge, like getting into a lift, we'd take up most of the space in the lift, the huge wheels can also be a challenge when entering or exiting lifts with narrow doors and trying to make a sharp turn without running the huge rear wheels over some poor chap's feet. Also this carry cot means you probably can only use it for a couple of months till your baby learns to sit up so the product life for this carry cot is relat

Breastfeeding journey: Maximizing space in Freezing breast milk

I've been wanting to blog more often and to post more of Sticky Bean's progress but gosh why do i find it so difficult to find time to do it. Anyway back to Freezing breast milk, our freezer is almost full! of course, this is the before image, i guess i didn't organize it to fully maximize space..., notice how the milk bags look like tau huey zhui packaging also? (soya bean milk) here's how it looks after re organizing it and maximizing space with the use of trays. Big difference eh? One mummy I know purchase her trays from daiso and it seemed a perfect fit. and I've also gotten a tip from the same mummy to fully express out as much air as possible from the milk bag so the frozen milk bag will be as compact as possible. i've tried and it works!! here's the huge difference. Another space saving tip!!