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Medela Freestyle Review

this is my first and only pump and i love it so much that i'd think it definitely deserves a review / recommendation from me!! medela freestyle pump review

If you are looking at purchasing an electronic breast pump that costs hundreds of dollars, please please do purchase them early so you can purchase them at the major baby expo fairs and fully maximize your purchase with all the attractive free gifts and lucky dips at expo fairs.
I had wanted to purchase mine in the October baby expo fair, but who knows baby ashlene arrived prematurely at 34 weeks, so we didn't manage to make it to the fair at all and after trying to use the medela swing single pump, i gave up totally, rushed out to kiddy palace during the first week of confinement to get the freestyle. medela freestyle pump review

Initially i was contemplating between freestyle or pump in style since i've heard plenty of positive reviews on how strong the suction is for pump in style, just that it's gona be an eol model soon and the clearance price is at $599, $100 difference from Freestyle retailing at $699 (they are perpetually on promo price).
Since Pump in Style gona be an eol model soon, i'd worry i'll have problems getting parts replaced many years later for our #2 hence i decided to go for Freestyle instead. medela freestyle pump review

The suction power is good in my opinion, as compared to hearing complains from peers about other models such as harmony or electric swing which is super duper loud and takes forever to empty their breasts. It takes me 30 minutes maximum to pump each time medela freestyle pump review

Here's my personal ratings:

suction power: very good 4/5 (maybe not as strong as Pump in style but good enough for me)
Portability: very good 5/5 light weight and easy to carry around
ease of use: very good 5/5 comes with hands free strap which is a life saviour
Sound: very low 5/5 you can hardly hear the pumping sound

Super love the fact that it's battery operated and comes with the hands free strap. So i can pump and walk around the house doing chores or even have my meals while pumping away, even my family members were impressed and amazed by how portable and flexible my pump is.
This is extremely important, before i explored using the battery function, i was confined to one area to do my pumping and i got so bored of detest each pumping session.
Till i discovered the ease of use for the battery, my pumping sessions never felt the same ever again!
medela freestyle pump review

with the hands free strap, i can even pump and pat baby ashlene to sleep at the same time! super time saver!!


  1. Hi may I know which kiddy palace did you get ur Medela freestyle from? Thanks!

  2. Hi Jessie
    I got it from toa payoh kiddy palace.


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