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Baby's items

We still have >4 more months to go, but we've already started buying bit by bit for the necessities. As my brother advised, it's better to take our time and buy the items bit by bit than wait till last trimester and rush to get everything at once, very "xiong on the pockets as well". So we just went to look see when we happen to be out on the weekends for any good deals, or sales items and to purchase some items for fun, in just limited pieces so we won't over buy. though it's so hard to resist buying the cutesy girlish stuff for baby girls! here's what we have on hand, little sticky bean even start to receive pressies already. i've couple more items ordered online, which has not arrived yet. As for big ticket items such as cots etc, we'll buy it probably nearer to last trimester or at the taka fair happening end july. Let's start off with the lovely pressies sticky bean has received:  Hanging musical mobile to keep her entert

Goodie Bag from Pre Natal Package

What a pleasant surprise, we didn't expect to receive a free goodie bag or welcome pack upon signing up for our pre-natal package at James Lee Women's Clinic. Since we've decided to stick to Dr. James Lee to deliver our sticky bean, it only make sense to sign up for the pre-natal package. We can do so from 14 weeks in fact. So what does the pre-natal package entails? For a lump sum of $700, it includes 14 consultations + scans and basic multivitamins. That makes each visit to be $50 only! Else separate consultation before the package costs as $120 - $150 each time. We can also claim this outpaitent amount from medisave at the hospital when we give birth later, cap at $500. and so here's what included in the little goodie bah, mostly milk powder samples for the mummies..  Mummies milk powder samples from Similac and S26. Tried the S26 but er..totally cannot take the taste at all, personally i find a strong unatural metallic taste in the milk whi

20 Weeks Detailed (anomaly) Scan at Novena Medical Ctr

Ok, I know I’m supposed to do a more detailed post in our detailed scan last week but on second thoughts, I’ve decided against posting ultrascan images of our sticky bean. Again, pantang….sorry…but hey most babies look similar on the ultrascan anyway.  20 Weeks Detailed (anomaly) Scan at Novena Medical Ctr So we went to Novena Medical Centre for our detailed ultra scanning as Thomson Medical is fully booked. I didn’t realized the one at Novena Medical Centre is actually under Thomsonsmedical as well. There’s hardly any waiting time at all, minus the registration part and the detailed scan costs us $140++. My appointment is at 12pm, we reached about 10 minutes earlier so after registration is done, our ultrascan started on time at 12pm. There’s about 3 ultrascan rooms over there if I didn’t recall wrongly. The sonographer seemed pretty experience and quite friendly, she’s talking most of the time, perhaps we were way too quiet for comfort as we were worrie

Finding out the Gender of Our Baby - It's a Baby Girl!

Just went for our nerve-wrecking 20 weeks detailed scan yesterday, will blog more about it  later on while contemplating to post some of our lil princess's scans not - kind of pantang you see. But can't blame me after what i've went through, better to be safe than sorry. still can't wait to share this piece of exciting news. We're having a Baby Girl!! contrary to most people's guesses, well almost everyone was guessing that i'm having a boy, based on how swell up i look, how swollen my nose is, how greasy my hair became and how my skin broke out so badly on the face, on the body, everywhere~!! It was a no wonder that our dear little girl was so shy, for the past few scans, she's either clamping her legs so tightly together or she's in a kneeling, cross legged position with her feet covering the groin area that we have difficulty finding out the gender. Even during the 30 minutes detailed scan, she was also in the cross-legged position,