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Sponsored Post: Maternity Exchange @ Marina Square review

Went to Maternity Exchange @ Marina Square, #03-108  to shop around as I’m officially in the final trimester, some of the loose fitting dresses I’ve been wearing couldn’t fit anymore =(

Even though the size of the shop ain’t as big as the bigger chain stores such as Mother care, I’m quite impressed by the variety and quality of the items they carry. Not only do they carry a variety of maternity wear, they do have intimate wear for pre and post pregnancy as well as some baby’s items.
The maternity wear found in the shop is of really good, comfortable and cooling material as well. Of cos there’s always a price to pay for better quality stuffs, dresses ranges from $100 and above and they do have a fair collection of nursing dresses. 

This Ripe Cowl Neck Dress  is one of the best sellers in the shop.

And I really love this Jules & Jim Hypnotic Summer Dress !
 I prefer my maternity clothes to be of brighter colours and cheerful looking to bring some colours and energy to my tired-looking face. BUT due to the darkening of my armpits, I simply can’t wear sleeveless. 

Bellaband @ $49.90 to $54.90
Oh I’ve came across this amazing invention before where you can still wear your existing pants / shorts as long as you have the bellaband, it helps to hold up your shorts/ pants so they will not drop since you are unable to button them.

Can help save money from buying maternity pants and shorts. I didn’t get it though since I’m so lazy, I’m a dress person, super lazy to mix and match with tops and bottoms.
In my opinion, it makes it more worthwhile to get nursing cum maternity dresses or tops in one since you can wear them for nursing even after giving birth.
Oh and their service is really good, non-pushy and recommending you pieces to try only after asking what’s your preference like.

They do provide rental services as well! Found this interesting tip in the dressing room. Helping you to decide when to buy or rent.

Eventually I’ve gotten this Seraphine dual-function wrapdress  which compliments my now very bloated figure and a super comfy Mothers en Vogue nursing top from them. Once I’ve tried on the dress, the comfort of the material makes me really reluctant to change back to my original dress.

Ok my legs and feet are swollen, this pic just doesn’t do the dress any justice. But it makes my bump looks really nice!! 

Maternity Exchange also has a well established website and online store so you can visit the website to take a look at the variety they have.

Here’re some of the other interesting finds I’ve discovered there.

Retailing at $39.90

I’ve read so much raves about this amazing teether toy for babies and how all babies love it, even though it’s on a pricey side but most mummies I knew swear by it and how worth it, it is to get one.

Will definitely get one for our sticky bean!

They carry a range of Sophie the Giraffe items as well, perfect for baby shower gifts too. (or perhaps sticky bean is lucky to get one for her baby shower? Heh…)

Post natal binder
Oh found this Inujirushi Post-partum shapewear range to be really interesting, it’s from Japan and they actually differentiate into 3 different types for different periods to wear.

Basically they are waist binders to help you flatten your tummy and different tension is definitely needed due to the different stages we will be at after giving birth
No. 1 is to be worn for the first 1-2 months, followed by No. 2 for another 2 months and finally No. 3 thereafter.

Step 1 is for encouraging the womb to move up to its original position through gentle pressure. This is worn lower, from the waist down, to provide firm support to the pelvis.
You can switch to Step 2, after about 2 months. By then, you should see a difference in your stomach as your womb would have moved back to its original higher up position, and you'll find your lower belly is flatter.  

Step 2 is for the waist area, so it should be worn higher up. So, after you've gotten your womb back up after about 2-3 months, it's time to move to Step 2 to get the stomach area back in shape.

Step 3 focuses on narrowing the waistline and firming the hips, thighs and lifting the buttocks. It's the final touch after the waist and lower abdomen have been shaped! You should wear it for as long as you need it.
It is recommended that you try to restore your body to normal during the postpartum period when the pregnancy fat is still tender for six months, and less so after. Generally after 8 months, much of the shaping would have been done and you can stop wearing it. Don't forget to couple this with some exercise and a healthy diet to ensure best results. The shaper can help to shape but it won't help you to lose weight. Only exercise and a healthy diet can (:

They also carry a range of California Baby products. I’ve heard of this brand before, it’s one of the reputable and popular brand for natural and organic baby products.

Being in the natural hair & skincare industry, I’ll definitely want our sticky bean to use as natural products as possible. Especially when baby’s skin’s so much more sensitive than ours, why harm their skin with harsh chemicals?

For mummies with belly button popping out

I remember some mummies asking about how to make the pop less obvious and I came across Popper Stoppers 

So cute, to stop your bellybutton from popping through your garments.
Retailing at $15 

Retailing at $19.90 and up.

For all breast feeding mummies to have a peace in mind if you still want to have a bit of drink and worry about passing the alcohol to your baby.

Can always test the milk with this to detect alcohol in the milk before feeding to the baby.

Compression leggings for preggie mummies from Therafirm 

This is another product I would very much love to try since I’ve been getting cramps occasionally and I heard this legging may just help. It’s not just your normal pair of leggings but it promotes blood circulation too, especially good for preggie mummies like me with water retention, swollen legs and cramps….=___=

Woombie swaddle , $49.90

I’ve gotten one of this too! The latest fad in swaddles, safe, effective and won 14 awards for design and innovation. Definitely looks comfortable and secure for our newborns to be inside. Reminds me of a cocoon.

Makes swaddling a whole lot easier and don’t have to worry about baby wriggling out nor the swaddle coming off. The material looks so comfy and is stretchable so no worries of swaddling our babies too tight.
Can’t wait to try this on our sticky bean when she’s born 10 weeks later!

Look at how secure and peaceful the babies look in Woombie Swaddles:

it was such a pleasant experience shopping at Maternity Exchange, guess i'll definitely make another trip there nearer to my edd to get more stuffs for sticky bean and more nursing wear for myself too!

Chanced upon their facebook. Maternity Exchange is also holding a giveaway on their Facebook page where there are 3 DOTE Nursing dresses to be won.
Simply "Like" or "Share" any of their Facebook posts during the month of August to stand a chance to win! The more you "Like" or "Share", the higher your chances of winning.
Do visit  for more information


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