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Our Muji Home Reno Journey: Lights & Ceiling Fan from EG Lighting

We did plenty of research and comparison. Taobao has been a value for money choice for some homeowners and we've contemplated getting from Taobao as well.
For others, crossing the causeway is another option.

It's a good thing our ID, Dave from D5 Studio Image, highlighted the risk should we get our lights or ceiling fan from Taobao. These pointers sounded so reasonable and made us change our mind and get the lights locally instead even though one should be able to save up to 40-50% should they purchase the lights or ceiling fan from Taobao.

Why did we choose to purchase from a local shop?

  1. Electrical products with high usage such as lights and fan naturally have a relatively high possiblity for an electrical fire.
  2. The lights and fan from Taobao were probably not checked and approved, sans safety mark so we prefer not to risk it.
  3. If there is a missing item or broken product, you will have to wait for the seller to reship and chances are, this will delay your renovation progress BIG Time! 
  4. Reliability

Do you know that if a fire breaks out and it's caused by the light or ceiling fan purchased from Taobao (which means no safety mark) all fire insurance will be void as well?

Our lighting choice: EG Lighting
After looking at a few options online, we've narrowed our choice to just EG Lighting. They seem transparent with their pricing and carries a decent range of lights including the Muji style ones that will fit our Muji home.

Again, this was one of the choices made that we did not regret. The after sales service was fantastic, in fact, they offer an on-site warranty as well so when two of the light malfunction, they immediately send their technician down to check and replace the driver on the spot.

We did an impromptu visit to EG lighting located at Circuit road and purchased all 17 lights as well as 2 Bestar Fan at a go.
We made a trip there with a 'check things out' attitude and were impressed with the salesperson, range of lights and prices such that we made our purchases on the spot.

Let's take a look at our selected options in the shop.

This downlight was the one I struggled with as I was unfamiliar with this type of light. In fact, we thought that these were the downlights used with false ceiling. 
It was highly recommended by Dave, our ID, then we discover the beauty of this light. 
The only thing is EG Lighting only has natural tone for this, though I'd very much prefer a warm tone. Luckily it turns out great in our living room  You can adjust the angle of the light as well.
We have 4 of this in the living room, 2 in the entrance way and 2 along the corridor.

This super bright rectangle light will be the safest choice for your kitchen.

We got this tri-tone light for both toilets.

A slightly brighter one for the Bomb shelter and service yard.

and of course the Muji style lights with wood frame for all 3 rooms.

They carry a decent range of ceiling fan as well. We decided on Bestar based on the salesperson's recommendation upon hearing our needs. - A strong fan that screams MUJI.

3-in-1 lampshade for the dining area, we chose white for all 3.

The only part they can improve on is delivery. Which I understand they may not have full control over since they do engage 3rd party agent for the deliveries.
The delivery was made 1-2 weeks later as they have to indent the stocks for Bestar fan

There were a couple of items that were missed out and our order took 3 delivery to be fully completed.  Thankfully each time EG Lighting were super helpful and assist to re-deliver the missing items asap.

All in all, we will highly recommend EG Lighting to anyone looking for ceiling lights or fan. The after sales service is simply amazing and rest assure all of your problems, should there be any, will definitely be solved. 
All these with a good price tag as well. 

Follow us on our Muji Home Reno Journey here


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