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Furniture for the Master Bedroom

Having left with a mere 3 months to our big day and that we would like to settle the room first before focusing on the rest of the wedding plans, we spent most of the weekends shopping for furniture.

After a few rounds of visit to Ikea, the furniture mall, Balestier, Defu Furniture, Courts, Nova furnishing, Brighton, Novena...bla bla bla
We finally made some purchases and more or less settled for some other items.
Gona go purchase the rest of them this weekend.

The Prelude: before we start shopping around for the furniture, i chanced upon the below Victorian set at a reasonable price of $2k plus.

Simply gives the Oomph feel! But since our bedroom theme is white and red, this colour will be a tad off. They have it in white colour too just that the wardrobe is way too small as well.
So after some consideration, we decided to shelf off this option totally.

We kind of decided to have a storage bed instead (as above). Since the bed takes up most space in your room. Imagine how much more space you get if you get to store items below your bed!
As I told Mr. Keir, space is something which nobody will "hiam" of having loh. Never ever a regret.

Have you ever heard of anyone complain that they have too much space? NO RIGHT?? lolx..

So here comes our hunt for the right furniture for our white/red bedroom.
Initially we kind of shortlisted the below white bedroom set we saw at Nova.

I love this dressing table. It's so sleek plus you can slide open the mirror and keep all your skincare on the shelving inside. Very well hidden and neat.
Downside of it, think the quality and mechanism ain't very good. Especially, the drawer. If you realize. there isn't a handle for you to pull open the drawer. It uses the 'press' kinda mechanism so you're supposed to press it once then the drawer will "tiak" opened. We tried closing a few times and it has problem "tiak-ing" back..
Since this is part of the bedroom set that costs $2399 before GST (comes with bedframe, wardrobe, dressing table, bed side table)
The dressing table alone costs $700+..definitely not worth it for this kind of quality.

Here's the matching wardrobe of 5.5 feet. Size wise, just nice. However as with the same problem above, the mechanism ain't very good. After trying to slide open couple of times the door got stuck! Doinkz.
So....we kind of reckon the 'aunties myth' of a open door wardrobe being more lasting than a sliding door wardrobe seemed so true suddenly.

So we decided to KIV the above set and pop by Ikea.

This wardrobe look so nice! with the branch decor on the door it gives it an extra feel. Size wise is just nice too. But it costs $1.6k+. After asking for feedback from friends and relatives, most still find that Ikea's stuff ain't that good for heavy duty use.
So we probably will give it a miss.

I like this too! L shaped wardrobe really make use of the corner space. However you'll need to build 3 2-door wardrobe to form a decent L-shaped wardrobe and that will cost about 2k..hmm...furthermore we discovered that the corner shelving actually didn't contribute much space loh..

So we've kind of narrowed down our choices to one of a open door white wardrobe which I didn't managed to take a picture. Probably popping by to get it this weekend so will post a pic later ya.

The BeD

Woohoo our love - the platform bed! They come in full red colour too. Looking absolutely cosy la to nua in bed watching TV as well. Moreover, Defu furniture is having a moving out sale so they're selling this platform bed below $1k!
I really wanted to get this for the moment. So we took the measurements and went back to see how it can blend with our layout plan
Very disappointingly, it doesn't fit into our humble bedroom. it's just too big and bulky and if i take the platform bed, it simply means my dressing table has to go as well as the additional storage coming from a storage bed frame.

So the platform bed is out as well. Eventually this is what we've got.

 Yeah exactly the same thing except for the colour. And i mean mattress included too.
Went to this wholesale centre & manufacturer called AAfrenz. And i really do think they could be the manufacturer of the bed frames cos they can customise and draw out the bed frame you want exactly. You can basically change whatever material or part that you want.

Anyhow we got the above storage bedframe but in red colour with the swaroski crystals headboard.

 Tadah! Plenty of storage space too.
Got the mattress from them as well. Not a common brand in retail. it's called Chiro pedic. But heard that it's a more well known brand in hospitals? As in hospital recommending patients with back problems to get this mattress.

It has a cashmere top layer to give you the uber soft comfy feeling and some natural latex so that it will not be too warm.

The mattress itself costs $1.5k, pretty comfy and hopefully worth the price ba.

Another item bought: the TV Console 

By far we've only bought the bed and the above TV console. Yes TV console is from ikea. It may look a little filmsy but we can mount it to the wall so the whole rack is actually pretty stable.
Best of all it costs only $129. BUT........
We paid and additional $80 for delivery and installation. Ya we know that's expensive but if you add it up it's only $208 for a pretty decent looking TV console.

Best of all, it blended perfectly against our red wall and colour theme.


  1. Hello,

    I would like to ask about the Aafrenz bedframe. Did you get this brand? Did you get it from their shop at AMK Ave 5?


    1. Hi!

      Oh yes i bought the bedframe from Aafrenz. According to them, the bed frames are done by them and they supply to some of the other shops also.
      And ya i got it from their shop at AMK Ave 5.

  2. OK thank you for replying. I asked this because I saw their booth at the Expo show, the guy told us they dont do retail, only sell to retailers, the booth was just one off. I was quote 1699 to customize do everything, we were so tempted but never ON the deal.

    Can you tell me how much you paying for the bedframe? How is the service? If not convenient here, you can email me at Thanks so much!

  3. problem at all.
    ya i heard they don't sell direct but then can buy direct from their showroom leh.

    What kind of frame are you customizing?
    ours was very much a packaged deal mattress + bedframe about $2.2k i think...

    Cos the storage bedframe alone i've seen from other stores are about $1.2k
    Our mattress costs about 1.5k so he gave us a packaged deal for bedframe, so the bedframe should be about 700++

    Service was quite ok. The guy who served us quite nice and all and they did deliver the stuffs on time also.

  4. I see... thanks ya. think I will go down to that shop to take a look myself, and ask.


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