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Holiday Inn Resort Batam Review with a Toddler - 2 bedroom suite

And so we went for a short getaway earlier this year to Holiday Inn Resort Batam. We went for a 3 day 2 night stay at Holiday Inn Resort Batam from a Wednesday to Friday. As it was a super low-peak period, the whole trip cost less than $500 (all taxes included) for 4 adults and 1 toddler (2yr+) for a 2 bedroom suite.

The service rendered by Holiday Inn Resort Batam was also superb! All you need to do is to send them an email, let them know the dates and type of rooms you'd preferred, they will get back to you with the quotation. You can also get them to arrange for the ferry tickets for you.

And so we booked a 3 day 2 night stay inclusive of daily breakfast for 4 adults and 1 toddler with Holiday Inn Resort Batam, the price is also inclusive of return ferry tickets (choose from Pacific or SINDO) and 2 nights accommodation in the 2 bedroom suite. One of the main reasons I've chosen Holiday Inn Resort Batam is because they came with the options of 2 bedroom units. Travelling with young kids, it's so much more convenient to have everyone staying in the same unit!
As for the ferry service, we went with SINDO ferry cos it was the only ferry operator who stops at Waterfront ferry terminal which is a mere 2 minutes drive away from the resort.

There are a few ferry terminals in Batam and the more popular one will be Sekupang Ferry Terminal but Waterfront terminal is a lot nearer to Holiday Inn Resort Batam as well as Harris. The SINDO ferry will first stopover at Sekupang ferry terminal before proceeding to Waterfront.

So the day finally came for us to leave for Harbourfront Ferry Terminal to catch our SINDO ferry to Holiday Inn Resort Batam for our long awaited staycation! (not really that long actually, just we booked it just a month ago)

Someone can't wait to leave the house! 

In love with her granny's pink luggage which was much easier to push around 

 Daddy bought her a little toy from DFS to keep her entertained while we wait for our ferry

Still in a really good mood 

Finally boarded SINDO Ferry

Wefie time in the ferry! Snacks = a must have for toddlers

Wonderful leg space and more than enough space for us to put our luggage in between

This is the waterfront terminal, very rustic style as compared to the modern looking Sekupang Ferry Terminal

Oh by the way, there's complimentary pickup service by Holiday Inn Resort Batam from the ferry terminal as well. Just need to inform them which ferry you will be on and which ferry terminal.

And so we've arrived at Holiday Inn Resort Batam in a mere 2 minutes drive away! Check in was a breeze and the resort staff are all really polite and courteous, you get people greeting you everywhere you walk.

And so we got to our 2 bedroom unit at Holiday Inn Resort Batam. Ok actually we rushed out to catch the shuttle bus service leaving for Nagoya hills at 1:30pm so I didn't get to take a photo of our 2 bedroom unit till we get back in the late evening. (that explains the night shots)
There are shuttle buses provided to Nagoya Hills from Holiday Inn Resort Batam and departs daily at 1:00pm or 1:30pm. This is not complimentary however but the charges are reasonable.

Living area

Entrance and dining area

Different angle of the living area

the other bedroom with 2 single beds

left bathroom with bathtub: master bedroom with king sized bed. Right bathroomwith standing shower : common bathroom 

Master bedroom with king sized bed

lovely balcony overlooking the pool
Sticky bean enjoying the view from our 2 bedroom unit balcony

View from our balcony

she loves the spaciousness of our 2 bedroom unit at Holiday Inn Resort Batam

We tried to take another wefie, making use of the full length mirror in our master bedroom. But well, it's every so challening taking photos with a toddler in tow.

 That sums up the review of our 2 bedroom unit at Holiday Inn Resort Batam. Now for the recreational activities. As mentioned, they provide shuttle services to Nagoya Hill shopping mall at fixed timing and you have to book this with the reception. We arrived around 12 pm and made a last minute decision to make a dash for the 1pm or 1;30pm shuttle bus to Nagoya hill.

One major plus point is that there's FREE WIFI in the shuttle bus! Woohoo!!!

Tadah WIFI Zone!!! 

Stick bean was so shagged, she fell asleep in the shuttle bus! YEAH!

Nagoya Shopping Centre is pretty boring though. We went there for lunch and found an arcade! I must say the arcade there is so reasonably priced, we went crazy there. (each token cost only about 20 cents SGD). The negative part is that smoking is allowed in the arcade so certain area of the arcade smells terrible.

This ride is kinda fun, just that Sticky Bean doesn't know how to control it well

She fell in love with bowling here

As the shuttle bus pick up is at 5pm from Nagoya Hill, we have no choice but to proceed back to Holiday Inn Resort Batam for dinner. Well at least we got our grocery shopping done and stocked up on the necessities such as bottled water over at Nagoya Hill - there's a supermarket in the basement.

We went for Teppanyaki which is an outdoor grill station located just by the pool. Nice ambience and the food taste good too. Pricing is similar to Singapore's pricing where it cost about $20- $30 per pax.

The morning after!
I love breakfast at hotels when I travel and it is a criterion for me when booking my accommodations. Holiday Inn Resort Batam serves a good variety of breakfast. They have your usual western style - omelettes, eggs, bacon, baked beans, breakfast cereals, cheese, bread as well as Asian style local food such as noodles, porridge or rice.
Over 2 mornings, they so change their options a little and the food taste really good. Of course you can't compare the number of varieties with that of a 4-5 star hotel but it's pretty reasonable and good enough for us.

Breakfast area - almost empty on a low peak season

Western station

Asian station

Even Sticky bean loves the breakfast served here with a variety of her favourite cheese and coco krunch!

bread and pastries

We went for a short walk around Holiday Inn Resort Batam and discovered another swimming pool. Here's the 'indoor' swimming pool which is sheltered. It is located beside the chinese restaurant.

There's also an entertainment area above the reception of Holiday Inn Resort Batam where there's a pool table, some games console as well as darts. We tried to play a game of pool but rusty now.

This is the spa area, prices are similar to Singapore's prices. I didn't go for any massage personally but my mum did and she enjoyed the hot stone massage alot. I heard some Singaporeans specially came here for the spa and massage. Holiday Inn Resort Batam do offer specific packages for spa getaway too. Click here to check out what they have .

There's nothing much to do within Holiday Inn Resort Batam itself so we decided to hire a car to get to Batam City Centre instead. I can't remember the exact price but we've got a 7 seater and it's pretty reasonable. I think it cost below $40.

There's a huge time zone in Batam City Centre, so Sticky Bean had plenty of fun there as well.

Her new found love - bowling!

They even had a small indoor playground for young children and it costs just SGD1.50 to enter

Enjoying her first bumper car ride! 

Chillaxing at A&W

This is like a must go and must take photo icon lol

We had a sumptuous dinner at Batam City Centre. I didn't take note of the name of the restaurant but it's one level below time zone and it sells local, Indonesian food with pizzas as well.
The food is super reasonably priced, I thought they made a mistake when we asked for the bill. We've ordered the tom yam steamboat, 2 sets of satay bento, additional petai, prawns and fish and all these cost merely $20+++ for 4 adults and 1 toddler *jaw drops**

Day 3 at Holiday Inn Resort Batam

It's very much a rest and relax day since we'll be checking out today. We didn't ask for a late check out as our ferry is at 1230pm so we can check out before 12pm.

Another plus factor for deciding to stay in Holiday Inn Resort Batam is that there is a Panda Kids Club for children too. I believe they have more activities during the peak hours such as weekends and holidays.

Sticky Bean enjoyed herself there. It's like a mini indoor playground plus they have friendly staff to keep your child entertained too!

The staff doing colouring activities with Sticky Bean

Playing DUPLO with Sticky Bean

Another boy came in as well so the both of them had fun playing with each other for a while. I stayed with Sticky Bean here while Daddy went back to pack our stuff and prepare for check out.

All in all it was a wonderful 3 day 2 night stay at Holiday Inn Resort Batam. We had such a great time, we can't wait to go back again!


  1. Hi. This was a nice journal I enjoyed reading a lot. May i know where and how did you hire a car to go to Batam city centre? Does it include a driver that will wait for you to go back to the hotel? My family and I will be going next month. Thanks.

    1. Hello MissKho
      Glad that you find the information useful. You can hire the car at the hotel reception. The hotel staff will help to arrange for you. You can let the driver know what time to pick you up from Batam City Centre back to the hotel.

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. May I know a little more about the kids club? Could you have left your child there while the adults go for outings?

    1. Hello there
      Yes, I believe you can leave your child there while you go for outings. But do send them an email to check first?


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