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Review D’resort at Downtown East with a kid

Another backdated post. Last December,  we need to clear our annual leaves but it was too last minute to make plans for overseas holidays and we very much enjoy staycations locally instead. So this time round, we decided to do our staycation at the newly revamped D’resort Downtown East.
They have plenty of family rooms and options available at very reasonable rates. We’ve decided to go for the Rainforest Executive rooms since we will not be doing any BBQs and the rooms look so cosy with floor to ceiling windows, a bean bag and a Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine. Unfortunately, the King sized beds were fully booked since it was the school holidays so we have to go for the double bed instead.

You enjoy up to 30% discount if you book a stay for a min. of 3 nights. Super worth it if you ask me. So we went ahead to book our 3 nights stay at D’resort Downtown East averaging the cost to be around $130+ per night. Initially, we were still a little worried if we will get too bored staying there for 3 nights. But we’re so wrong!!! This was definitely our favourite staycation!

Day 1: Official check in time was 3pm but we were there early at around 1:30 pm to deposit our luggage at the concierge so we can head over to Explorer Kids @ Downtown east and come back for our rooms later on. There was supposed to be a special rate for guests staying at Dresort at Explorer Kids at $10 per child for unlimited play during off-peak hours. But unfortunately, it was the December school holidays so even though it’s a Monday, it’s considered peak hour. Nevertheless, we get to enjoy a better rate compared to public rates at about $12 or $15 for unlimited play.

You can read my review on Explorer Kids @ Downtown East here.

Sticky Bean’s cousins joined us today for a day of fun at Explorer Kids @ Downtown East and hanging out around Dresort as well. The cousins had a blast!

There are 2 massage chairs in the lobby for you to enjoy as well. Very shiok!!

We went back and check into our room around 5pm, rest a little and were too tired to go anywhere further for dinner. Hence we decided to have our dinner at White Tangerine, which is located near the lobby area within Dresort Downtown East itself.
Despite reading some negative reviews, the food was surprisingly good! They were severely understaffed though, with only 1 staff on the floor for most of our visits there. So you have to be patient and wait to be served.

Fish & chips in beer batter. This tasted soooooooooo good…

Chicken chop...yums too

and my spaghetti..though I'd think the fish and chips would have been a better choice

Sticky bean enjoying the view of Wild Wild Wet and recognising Pororo & Friends from the water park. She loved the view and this floor to ceiling window. So do we!

The kiddos pretending to go to bed after they had their shower

love the rain shower! I love rain showers!

We get to enjoy a hot cuppa in our room after dinner. I'm not sure if they replenish the capsules daily/ Day 2 I was a little disappointed that it wasn't replenished but I didn't request for them to do it though. They replenished it on Day 3.

and tadah, you get to enjoy free wifi as well

Verdict on the Rainforest Executive Twin Room at Dresort Downtown East
It's exactly like a hotel room with complete services! Someone will come clean up the room daily. Basic toiletries are provided as well and they change the towels for you daily too.
We love the room very much. Would have been better if we can get the room with king sized bed instead of two twin beds, though. The kiddos love the bean bag and the view from the floor to ceiling windows. We had our unit facing the Wild Wild Wet with a Pororo Xmas themed decor.

Day 2: Breakfast at White Tangerine again. 

My breakfast platter! Yums...

It's a rest and relaxing day for us. After breakfast, Sticky Bean gets to play at the mini playground just outside the lobby & White Tangerine restaurant.

small area but plenty of fun for the young ones

We went back to the room to chill for a bit and then proceed to Wild Wild Wet! It was just a 2 min walk to Wild Wild Wet! And if you are a NTUC member, you get unlimited complimentary access to Wild Wild Wet! As well. How cool is that!

image source from Wild Wild Wet

We spent most of our day at Wild Wild Wet! Unfortunately, we didn't get to play on most rides as we need to take turns to keep an eye on Sticky Bean. Wild Wild Wet is definitely more fun and kids friendly as compared to Adventure Cove.

 No pictures though as we left our phones and valuables behind so we can all get into the pool and have fun together.
Went back to our room to wash up, rest for a bit then take the complimentary buggy to Downtown East for dinner. Sticky Bean love the buggy rides too!

a Happy Sticky Bean

Dinner is at this steamboat place situated outside Downtown East. The food wasn’t too bad I think the name of the place is Fat Fish or something. But this was before we discovered an even better steamboat place there! There was a ‘new’ building where the main entrance of Wild Wild Wet was, and there are more food options there!

this is how much she love lazing on the beanbag

Day 3: We decide to stroll along the link bridge from Dresort Downtown East over to Downtown East (new extension) and we discovered this GEM!

Manle Steamboat Restaurant Review 
Newly opened Manle steamboat restaurant owned by the Astons Group of Company. 

This lunch promotion from Manle Steamboat Restaurant looks so attractive, we decided to give it a try and boy did it not disappoint us at all! I love the mushroom soup so much! 

How the interior looks like, very comfy and spacious

From all the smiles, you can tell how much Sticky Bean enjoyed this staycation

They are definitely kids friendly and provide kids cutleries as well

Oh did I mention you get to enjoy the view of Wild wild Wet too

Mr Keir enjoying his steamboat

The pots are served individually so you get your very own personal pot. The beef is succulent and yummy too. We love it so much we order additional ala carte beef to go with our steamboat. We love this place so much we came back to the same place for lunch the very next day too. In fact I've been craving for their steamboat till today but Downtown East is really a distance for us to go all the way just for dinner so let's wait till our staycation end of this month so we can have Manle Steamboat again! gona go for the buffet dinner this time round.

They have some sort of Tayo bus activities going on in the square where you get to redeem a ride pass for your child if you spend $30 and above within Downtown East. The other day we walked past, Sticky Bean wanted so much to ride in the circuit but we did not meet the min. spend. (hence her different outfit in the photos). So this time round, we made sure that we kept the receipt so we can redeem the rides for her.
Imagine her delight when whe realised she finally get to ride in the circuit! She had so much fun in the circuit.

Learning about traffic signs through play

They have colouring activities as well

Then we proceed to the Orchid Bowl at Downtown East where they have 2 bowling lanes tucked right in a corner for children. It costs $3 per play. Sticky Bean’s absolute favourite.

While waiting for Party World KTV Downtown East to open its door at 3pm, we hang out around the arcades. Sticky Bean had plenty of fun here too.

Party World KTV at Downtown East runs a really reasonable promotion with a weekday rate where you can sing from 3pm to 8pm at a mere $29.00 for 2 pax!

How can we resist that..we were so lucky Sticky bean fell asleep while we were screaming our heads off in the ktv. Haha

her very first time in a ktv

 Day 4: Time flies whenever you’re having fun, after breakfast at White Tangerine, we explored Dresort Downtown East a little. There were hidden gems all around Dresort Downtown East.

On level 4, there is a bird viewing gallery where you can always spot birds perched on top of the trees. Can you spot them? I've lousy zoom feature on my phone though.

These were the hidden gems within Dresort Downtown East Rainforest block itself. Do note that card access is required for these levels. They have different themed corners on different levels.
Again, we deposited our luggages at the concierge before taking the buggy to Downtown East for our favourite Man Le Steamboat lunch again!

Somebody gets a go at the Tayo ride for the final time before we head back to collect our luggage and head home.

It was the most enjoyable staycation ever. Our type of rest and relax staycation where there’s always something to do for the little one. She loves the room so much. She doesn’t even mind if we spend quite a bit of time in the room chilling and relaxing before heading to do something else again.

The rates were so so soooooooo reasonable and we love Dresort Downtown East so much such that we’re heading there for our next staycation end March again! Can’t wait and looking forward to our 2nd staycation in Dresort Downtown East.


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