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Okinawa Grand Mer Resort Review

The value added service
- FREE airport shuttle
- Car rental service

- Japanese Style tatami rooms

I'm a research addict by nature so you can imagine the amount of research I will do for each of our trips. So after much consideration, we've decided to stay 2 nights in the 'central' Okinawa and 2 nights up North. Initially, the idea was to stay 1 night at NAHA near the airport due to our late arrival but we really dislike the idea of having to change hotel too frequently. Imagine my excitement when finding out that Okinawa Grand Mer, 1 of our hotels of choice in 'central' Okinawa provides FREE airport shuttle pick up!

So the 1st part of the challenge was solved, there's FREE transportation to the accommodation which is situated some 40 - 1 hour away from NAHA city where the airport is located at. Taking a taxi for such distance will problem cost a bomb.

Now come challenge #2. We are on an Okinawa Self Drive itinerary so we will need to find a way to rent cars. The highly recommended OTS car rental with Chinese speaking staff only seems to have outlets in NAHA area. There are some car rental companies with branches near Chatan area, where American Village is. The car rental rates weren't as competitive as OTS car rental and the insurance coverage wasn't even that comprehensive.

Imagine how exhilarated I was to discover that Okinawa Grand Mer Resort provides car rental packages together with their accommodation too!. Without further ado, I emailed in for more information and the customer service replied promptly.

Their car rental rates were also competitive with OTS rental. I opted for full insurance coverage which includes collision damage waiver as well. This means we do not have to pay a single cent in an event of a collision or accident.

Our 4-day car rental cost with full insurance coverage cost approximately $250. Which is a steal! There is limited public transportation available in Okinawa once you are out of NAHA city. So if you do not drive, then you have to rely on buses as well as taxis which can cost a bomb.

So once you've booked your room with Okinawa Grand Mer Resort, you can email to request to reserve a car. Let them know your pick up and return date and they will process it for you. Once you've checked-in, you can collect and complete the process at their concierge counter. The car would have been delivered to Okinawa Grand Mer Resort for you. Super convenient.

So Okinawa Grand Mer Resort came with 2 major plus point which I've covered, 1. FREE airport shuttle 2. Car rental services.

Additional bonus, it is one of the hotels that provide Japanese style tatami rooms at a really really reasonable rate! I have a passion for tatami rooms and it'll be a wonderful experience sleeping on futons. Not to mention, you don't have to worry about the little one rolling off the bed.

The room
Here's a quick glance at our Japanese style tatami room at Okinawa Grand Mer Resort. The average cost of the room plus breakfast for 2 night per night is around SGD$160 - SGD$170

ok I'm not so good at setting up futons, I actually googled how to set up futons

The room is spacious and we love that there are a separate toilet, sink and shower area. Especially love that the shower head washing area is separated from the bathtub. Which makes it so much more convenient to run the bath for the little one. 

I can run the bath while and shower her separately instead of having to shower her first then let the bath run with her sitting in an empty bathtub. By the time the bathtub is filled, she would be bored and wanted out of the bathroom.

Oh most of the cosmeds in Okinawa sells kids bath bombs too! They're inexpensive and comes with a little toy inside! Sticky Bean loves it so much, she wanted to head back to the room each night just for the bath bombs!

Separate toilet from the bath

Sticky bean wanted to sleep in the cupboard just like Doraemon

View from balcony

every room comes with a balcony. This is a non-smoking hotel so if you need to smoke, you can only do so at the balcony. Portable ash trays are available at the lobby.

Other facilities

We didn't have time to fully explore the hotel's facilities but there's a small shop downstairs that sells some basic necessities, snacks, drinks and little souvenirs. Other facilities at Okinawa Grand Mer Resort includes
- Kids room
- Indoor pool (adult and kids pool, rental of kids floaties)
- sauna
- fitness room

The breakfast

We love the breakfast here! It's mostly an Asian affair and the Japanese porridge is so delicious. The western selection includes omelette, sausage, bacon. You can also make your own sandwiches and salad.

Japanese selection includes Okinawa soba noodles, porridge with side dishes, curry rice etc.

FREE Shuttle service

- Airport
- American Village
- Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom


Okinawa Grand Mer Resort, located on a hill away from the city so if you are not driving, accessibility will be a challenge for you unless you just want to visit Aeon Mall Rycom which is the biggest Aeon outlet in Okinawa.

Nearby attractions include Okinawa Children Zoo, Aeon Mall Rycom, American Village (20 mins drive), Bios no Oka ( 20 mins drive), Cape Manzamo (40 mins), Mini Mini Zoo.

Car Park

Parking is free at Okinawa Grand Mer Resort. However, they do have limited parking lots near to the hotel itself. In the event that the lots within the resort is full, the staff will direct you to other parking areas nearby in a shuttle. Once you've parked your car, they will send you back to the hotel lobby. Do note that only the driver is allowed to park the car and take their shuttle to the car park and do check if you brought all of your personal belongings with you after parking else it'd be a hassle going back to the car to get your stuff. Yours truly left her phone in the car and realised it only after I'm almost ready for bed.

The location may not be as convenient compared to if you're staying just around Chatan area where you can walk to the American village but so long as you're driving, the value-added service will make up for it.

Mrs. Keir's verdict

Location: 3.5/5
Value-added service: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Room: 5/5

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  1. Hi, if i dont plan to stay at Grand Mer for the whole duration of my trip, am i still able to get the rental car from them for the entire trip? Where do you return the car (at Grand Mer itself?) Thanks!

    1. Hello, I'm so sorry that I've totally missed out your message. Yes you can return the rental car at the airport branch. This was what we did. :)

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