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Perth Self Drive Kids Friendly Itinerary Day 2: Fremantle

Perth Self Drive Kids Friendly Itinerary Day 2: Fremantle 

The breakfast spread at the Crown Plaza Hotel Perth was pretty decent. It's your typical continental breakfast with bacon, eggs, baked beans, a variety of bread etc. The fruit juices were fresh and yummy as well.

We love accommodation with breakfast option as that makes it so much more convenient for us.

Sticky Bean enjoys her breakfast spread too

We are ahead of time since in Perth our lifestyle = rest early and wake early since that's how life is in Perth. We have initially arranged to collect our car from Bayswater Car Rental Adelaide branch at 1030 am so we called to check if we can pick the car earlier at 930 am. Luckily, we were able to do so without incurring extra charges.

 The only booboo with Bayswater Car Rental was the service of the counter staff. Not super helpful and there was some miscommunication with our booking which states that we have to return the car back to the Adelaide branch by 2pm on our departure date as someone has reserved the car. We have initially planned to drive all the way to the airport branch, well no big deal, we will take an uber from Adelaide branch to the airport that. Ain't gotta let this boo boo ruin our Perth trip right?

That's our Sticky Bean checking herself in the mirror before she leaves

Here's how our itinerary for the day looks like, we are spending most of the day exploring Fremantle or better known as Freo today. 
  • 9.30 am collect Mitsubishi ASX from Bayswater Car Rental ( 5mins walk from Crown Plaza)
  • A whole day in Fremantle
  • Fremantle Market
  • Freo streets
  • Timezone @ Freo
  • Shopping at Target, Freo
  • Kailis Fish and Chips @ Freo

Here's our Mitsubishi ASX ride for the next 6 days. What a smooth ride it was

Child seats are mandatory for children so do include this in your option as you book your car

Now, where to park at Fremantle? Where most parking in Perth out of CBD is free, it is rare to find free parking in Freo.
We parked at the Woolstore Shopping Mall where the FIRST hour is free. One of the staff was telling me that I can always exit every hour and come in again for another hour of FREE parking but that will be too tedious for us since we plan to park at a place and explore Freo by foot.

Not sure where to park in Freo? Check out the parking guide here

The only inconvenient system the car park has was the "pay before you park" scheme. Where you need to estimate how long do you intend to park and purchase the ticket according and place it in your car's dashboard.
Similar to the parking coupon system in Singapore.

This is how the ticket machine look like, it's pretty straight forward and easy to use. Just need to select the time with the plus and minus sign and make payment accordingly. They accept credit card and it works fine for us (paywave) since we have limited coins on us.

After parking, we're ready to hit the streets. It's a 10-minute walk from Woolstore Shopping Mall to Fremantle Market. But since the weather is good, it's nice to stroll the streets of Freo and enjoy the breeze. In fact, the wind was so strong when we just parked that we went back to the car to get our windbreakers.

Someone's feeling cold already

Alrighty, much better after zipping up her windbreaker

A family wefie...

Freo is bustling on weekends. There are buskers performing around as well. We enjoyed this fire show put up by the busker just outside Fremantle Market.

And the first item we purchased was.....freshly made popcorns! Sticky Bean has a soft spot for popcorns. A huge bag costs just $5-7 I think. They have a variety of flavours and you are free to try each and every flavour.

Sticky Bean and her huge bag of popcorns which we eventually did not finish by the end of our trip.

Fremantle market is split into two sections, 1 side features food and fresh produce whereas the other side has little trinkets, clothes and souvenirs, mostly locally made.

The fruits are so pretty and fresh.

Mr. Keir chose a pack of ready-cut mango and yums it is. Samples are provided even for the fruits.

Fremantle Market was jam-packed on a Sunday morning. The crowd was a tad too much for us to enjoy exploring the market, we spent 30 minutes there and out to the streets we go.
There's a huge Timezone down the road so Sticky Bean gets to have fun in Timezone.

Sticky Bean with her wins from Timezone. Not bad, these little items kept her entertained for a couple of days in the car and in our accommodation.

We heard so much about shopping in Target and K Mart from my BFF while in Australia. There is a Target store near to Woolstore Shopping Mall where we parked our car and boy are we surprised. We spent quite a bit of time there. There's a huge variety of toys and their prices were so reasonable, you need to have plenty of self control and limit your purchases.

We decided to collect our car from Woolstore Shopping Mall and drive over to the famed Kailis Fish and Chips. Since we are in Freo this is a must-try isn't it?

Please note there are apparently 2 counters inside Kailis, we ordered from the more 'expensive' counter on the left unknowingly and the fillets were grilled options. It was after we placed an order did we realise that the popular fish and chips are at the other counter at the furthest right. So explore the entire place before placing your order

 Even though we didn't get the right fish and chips, the fish & oysters are fresh and succulent and the prices were reasonable as well. The grilled fishes were prices at $15 - $20 and half dozen of oysters at $12.95.

We eventually ordered a plate of 'original' fish and chips to try. It cost around $10 or so.


And Sticky Bean finished most of it. We thought the fish and chips taste good but not as awesome as I'd expect it to be.

Mandatory shots outside Kailis Fish and Chips with a pretty harbour view. It was too windy for us to enjoy your meals outside and you have to spend half the time fending off the seagulls.
If you are adventurous enough, you can choose to seat outside and enjoy your meal in the Alfresco setting.


With this view and breeze, I can chillax the whole day here.

Spot the little seagull?

After a late lunch, it's time to explore the playground nearby. Yes, there are plenty of playground in Perth - what a surprise. Our Perth Self Drive Trip became and unplanned playground hunt for Sticky Bean.
The playground is just across the road from Kailis Fish & Chips.

wefie of our shadows

I love how their playgrounds are always built upon nature with natural wood shavings or sand as the ground.

And it's situated in a small park with plenty of greenery around. Feels as though we're going on a forest exploration.

By the time we left Freo, it was close to 5pm, did a quite stop by a supermarket near Crown Plaza Hotel, Perth with the help of google map and stock up on water and snacks which we may need for our long drive to Margaret River the next day.

Sticky Bean enjoying her supper in bed - Strawberries with Chocolate dip

Quick Review of our Self Drive Perth Kids Friendly Itinerary Day 2
Fremantle was known as one of the vintage landmarks and a must-go when you are in Perth. It does have the old town charm to it but honestly, we find Fremantle so-so only. If we were to visit Perth again, we'll definitely give Fremantle a miss. We do feel that Kailis Fish and chips are overrated as well.


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