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Our 7 Day 6 Nights Taiwan Child Friendly Itinerary Preview

Here's a preview of our Taiwan Child Friendly Itinerary for our trip to Taiwan earlier this month in May 2017. You can click on the respective days for a detailed post.

And so we finally embarked on our journey to Taiwan onboard Singapore Airlines! Thanks to Singapore Airlines 70th Anniversary promo, we decided to splurge a little on the air tickets. The air tickets cost about $1,440 for 2 adults and 1 3.5 yr old.

We spent a total of 7 days 6 nights in Taiwan altogether. But in order to make our Taiwan trip more child-friendly, relaxing,  and to cut down on travelling time, we merely visited the North part of Taiwan primarily - Hsinchu, Yilan and Taipei.

It's never easy travelling with a young one, hence we should not be too ambitious when it comes to planning your Taiwan Child Friendly itinerary. Good thing is, Mr Keir and I have always preferred a chillax itinerary. We're not the type of tourist who loves to jam pack the full day and visit 101 attractions in a trip.

We engaged a driver for the first few days. This makes travelling from one township to another much easier and convenient. Imagine having to lug your luggage to train stations and searching for directions to the right platform, chasing for the trains and all of these having a 3.5yr old kid in tow. Do also note that not all train stations are equipped with lifts in Taiwan.

Let me know if you need the driver's contact. This awesome young chap is actually my friend's husband. He will help you plan the itinerary as well. Just tell him your preference and he will do the planning for you. We get to know of some of the places cos of his recommendations. He is also able to get discounted tickets for some of the attractions.

I've received a few request for my Taiwan Child Friendly itinerary so here's a quick summary of our itinerary. Each day has been planned in a way there's 1 highlight of the day for Sticky Bean who's 3.5yrs old and an evening or night at a night market. All of our accommodations are walking distance to a night market or food street. 
Do note this is just a summary, click on the individual headings to get a detailed post for each day!

Singapore Airlines really had good timings for flights to Taiwan. Our departure was at 0820hr and we arrived in Taiwan about 1400hr. 

Tip #1: Forget about the Wifi egg rental from the airports. Just purchase a SIM card with unlimited data. It's more cost efficient that way. It costs SGD18 for 7 days use. Before you clear the customs, you will see a long Q at the SIM card counter. You can choose to skip this Q and get your card after you get out. The friendly counter staff will help to install the SIM card in your phone.

- Taoyuan Airport to Hsinchu 1.5 hrs 
- Hsinchu: Greenworld Ecological Farm新竹綠世界  
- Dinner at Beipu old street, 北埔老街
- Check-in at WeGo Boutique hotel, 新竹薇閣, huge room with a huge jacuzzi tub with TV, steam bath, complete with toiletries supplies
- Chenghwan Temple Night Market (8 minutes walk from hotel)

Tip#2: For Greenworld Ecological farm, do plan your timing well. One of the key highlights of the place will be the free roaming of the Alpacas on the grassland at the selected timing. This is where you get to get up close with the Alpacas. We reached the area only around 3:30 pm, by the time we got to the Alpacas area, they were back in their enclosure :(. The last session was from 3 pm to 3:30 pm.

Cost of hiring a driver for 8 hours - 3000NT (SGD138)

Quick review of our Taiwan Child Friendly Itinerary Day 1: A tiring day for us and we didn't quite expect the car journey to Greenworld Ecological Farm to be along a winding road uphill. So the mountainous drive to and fro from there took a toll on us. Also, it was unfortunate we spent too much time getting our SIM card done at the airport and reached Greenworld only around 3:30 pm and missed the Alpaca's roaming time. If given a choice again, I will choose to go to Windows on China instead of Greenworld Ecological.

- Driver pick up from WeGo Boutique Hotel at 930am > Leofoo Village theme park 新竹六福村, spent 5-6 hours there!
- 鶯歌陶瓷老街(拉坯,童玩)- Ying Ge Pottery street - nothing much though unless you have older kids, you can then do mosaic art
- 三峽老街(金牛角)- we skipped this place
- Dinner in Taipei, Chaosan Ye Wei Mian, 草山夜未眠(台北市) - awesome view similar to peak view in Hongkong
- From Taipei to Yilan (1 hr journey)
- 2 nights stay in Miffy Baby (Ludong)- Cars themed kids friendly accommodation with slide 
-  米非寶貝 Miffy Baby宜蘭縣羅東鎮 純精路二段77號

Cost of driver: 4000NT SGD183

Quick review of our Taiwan Child Friendly Itinerary Day 2: Super long and tiring day but Leofoo Village Theme Park is so much fun! Definitely the best attraction and the highlight of our Taiwan Child Friendly Trip! Thankful for engaging a driver, so we get to rest in the car from Hsinchu to Taipei.

> Yinong Ranch - Farm, No. 17, Ln. 239, Changchun Rd., Kelin Vil., Dongshan Township, Yilan, Taiwan

You can also try Happiness 20 Farm幸福20號農場No.20, Ln. 446, Dajin Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County, but we Yinong Ranch seems to be more popular than the later.
Took a cab from accommodation to Yinong Ranch. Cost about 280NT, SGD12.70

> Jimmi Park 幾米主題公園, nothing much unless you want to take photos or you're a fan of this illustrator
> Luodong Night Market 羅東夜市, 5 minutes walk from accommodation

Alternative 1: 
Other places to consider: 

image from here

If you have older children, consider visiting 國立傳統藝術中心, National Centre for traditional arts but do take note that it closes at 6 pm

> 國立傳統藝術中心, National Centre for traditional arts,No. 201, Section 2, Wubin Rd, Wujie Township, Yilan County, Taiwan 268
> 丟丟噹親子餐廳 (optional for lunch or when free), 宜蘭縣羅東鎮復興路一段115號, Luodong, 電話: 03-955-8889,  Operational timing 營業時間: Mon-Fri 週一-週五: 11:30 - 20:30 Weekends 週六-週日: 11:00 - 21:00

Alternative 2:
image from StuckinTaiwan
Consider taking the FREE Yilan Tourist Bus shuttle which mainly brings you for factory visit with lots of free tasting!

Yilan train station. Take bus from Yilan Visitor Information Ctr  宜蘭勁好行755 bus schedule

* 雅典蛋糕
* 宜蘭縣宜蘭市梅洲二路140號
* 宜蘭窯烤山寨村

諾貝爾奶凍 must buy in Yilan especially if you're a cake lover. Coincidentally this place is just a 5 minutes walk from our accommodation and I chanced upon it while on our way to Luo Dong Night Market. Lucky me!!! 

Left accommodation at 1030 am
> 蜡藝彩繪館,Crayon Factory in SuAo, DIY markers and crayon - MUST GO!
> 青蔥博物館,Spring Onion Museum - skipped
> Taipei Children Amusement park, Shih Lin District - affordable amusement rides
> Checked-in Rido Hotel in Taipei at 6 pm 
> Yongkang street for dinner - 8 mins walk from hotel 

Cost of hiring driving: 5h 2500NT SGD115

Quick review of our Taiwan Child Friendly Itinerary Day 4: We had a blast at the Crayon Factory surprisingly! Really enjoyed ourselves DIY-ing our markers, crayons, trying our hands at body painting as well. It was an impromptu decision to head to Taipei Children Amusement Park as our driver mentioned that it's better if he sent us there since the place is not accessible by MRT. 

> Chill in hotel room in the morning
> Taipei Main Station Underground city mall
> Shi lin night market

Quick review of our Taiwan Child Friendly Itinerary Day 5: The most relaxing day for our entire Taiwan trip which is much needed. With the travelling and engaging a driver for the past few days, we try to make our FREE & Easy days as relaxing as possible. We slept in, had breakie in the hotel and went back to the room to rest and soak in the tub before heading out to Taipei Main Station around noon. 
We're happy to chance upon the visitor centre at the underground mall and discover that they provide FREE rental of strollers! 

>Taipei Zoo and Maokong Gondola 
> Ximending

Alternative places to go if you prefer indoor activities

This is an indoor playground paradise with tons of option for you. Of course the ever so popular Baby Boss (like KidZania is here as well). This was on my list but we've to decide between the Zoo and the Living Mall. We ended up with Zoo and Maokong, my rationale was, indoor playground, Singapore also has so don't really want to waste a day there watching her play right?

> Living mall 台北市松山區八德路四段138號7F(京華城購物中心), No. 138, Section 4, Level 7, Bade Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105

2) Taipei living mall Austin land 8th floor
3) TOM'S WORLD GAME ARCADE (Basement & L5)

> Visit Raohe Night Market after this, it's at Songshan Station Exit 5.

Quick review of our Taiwan Child Friendly Itinerary Day 6Another eventful day. It wasn't really pre-planned that we will visit the Zoo and Maokong as my previous choice was actually to visit Living Mall and we didn't regret the decision at all!  
Worth a trip to the Zoo since entrance fee is at SGD $2 only. Strollers are available for rent at SGD2. We enjoy the fresh air at Maokong as well and there's a variety of food option available there.
Ximending's nothing much for us, as it's very much targeted at the teenagers and youth but there are plenty of food option around that area.

Love the lockers rental at the train station. It cost only 10NT (SGD0.45) per hour. We placed the heavy pineapple pastries in the locker while continue to explore another part near Ximending.

Lucky Singapore Airlines provide such great flight timing, our flight back is at 1720. So we basically have half a day left in Taipei. Sleep in and had breakfast in the hotel, took our last soak in the bathtub and checked out only at 12 noon.
Then we took a cab to Mr. Tree House Family Restaurant which is just less than 10 minutes away.
This is a must go! They have another branch Mr. Tree Main Station which is also in Da'an District - this was the one I intended to go but got confused with the Mr Tree House at another street! 

Our driver picked us at Mr. Tree House Family Restaurant around 3:00 pm and we headed for the airport.

Cost of hiring driver:  900NT, SGD45

Quick review of our Taiwan Child Friendly Itinerary Day 7 Review of the day: Good thing we engaged a driver to fetch us to the airport. We left our luggage at the hotel upon check out so we don't have to lug it with us. The driver helped to collect the luggage from the hotel before heading over to pick us.

Conclusive thoughts for our Taiwan Trip: 
It's worth engaging a driver for half of the trip as it makes travelling so much easier. We enjoyed our trip so much so that we're planning to go back to Taiwan end of the year again! Will be a good idea to visit Taiwan when the weather is cooler so that outdoor activities are much more manageable. We're lucky that the temperature dropped a little whilst we're there but on certain days in Taipei, the temperature rose to 29 degrees.


  1. hi Mrs Keir,

    I am interested in engaging a driver for my Taiwan trip. Would u be able to share your Taiwan driver contact with me, please? Could u also kindly share what kind of car is the driver driving during your Taiwan family trip? Thank u and hope to hear from u soon.

    1. Hello happymummy. Sure you can contact Dong Lin at +886 9218 66490. He drives a SUV taxi. Hope this helps.

    2. Hi, the charges of the driver u listed in your blog is from the same driver right? Cos I checked with other drivers and they are so much more expensive.

    3. Hi Lynn
      Yes that's right. It's from the same driver. I heard the prices for hiring chartered transport has increased in Taiwan too. You can get the rates from Dong Lin. His rates should be pretty competitive.

    4. Hi there thanks for sharing! I just wanted to let you know that dong Lin's prices seem to have increased significantly as well. It is now between 5000-6000 for a full day hire.

      Not sure if that is in line with other drivers rates in Taiwan too.

      But he definitely has great service and has gone out of the way to help me plan the itinerary and introduced us to new places which didn't come up in our research.

      One question ... Did he provide a baby seat for your child?


    5. Hello there
      Oh no he doesn't provide baby seat though as I did not request too. You can try checking with him? He may have a solution for you.
      He may not be the cheapest but I like that he goes out of the way and even help you plan your itinerary, so you can sit back and relax. =)

  2. Hello Mrs Keir,

    Thank u for sharing the contact! It definitely helps! :) and thanks for sharing your itinerary and alternative suggestions :)

  3. This is a great and amazing post about the Taiwan trip. Thanks for sharing this precious information.

    Kid Friendly Holidays

  4. Hi, Thanks for sharing. Can i check with you how should i contact the driver? Though phone call or whatsapp?

    1. Hello, you can whatsapp him. will be great if you can type in chinese, if not english will be fine too. He usually reply via voice message.

  5. Hi mrs keir, do you have the driver contact? Can he take 6 adults and 2 kids?

    Saw your itinerary. Looking great!!

    1. I am terribly sorry I've missed out your message. I hope this is not too late. You may contact Dong lin @ +886 921866490. Do drop him a whatapp voice message.

  6. Hi Mrs Keir, I am planning to bring our kid 3.5 years old too to taipei early next year. Looking at your itinerary, it is something suit us too. Can I have the driver contact?

    1. I am terribly sorry I've missed out your message. I hope this is not too late. You may contact Dong lin @ +886 921866490. Do drop him a whatapp voice message.


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