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Dilemma between a Wedding Dinner Banquet, Lunch or Reception

Haven't been updating as often as I wished to, partly due to work, partly due to laziness and more importantly, due to the lack of momentum.

Well, Mr. Keir and myself has been trying to take things a little slow, planning and moving a little at a time. Hmm not sure if that's a good choice, at times I'd feel, "are we running short of time?" anyway we'll be finally making our first site visit on coming Saturday on one of our short listed venues!  by the time i posted this, we'd went for the site visit 2 weeks ago already. =p didn't realise that the draft was still saved in a DRAFT and not published..lolx...

Ok now back to the question I'm sure BTBs will be stuck with as well. A Wedding Dinner or NOT?
Firstly I'm sure most of us suffer from an overdose from the traditional wedding dinners. No offence to anyone ya, I'm sure there're 101 reasons why some couple chose to maintain the tradition of having a wedding dinner banquet.

Image source
Alot of times, there's no choice, simply because there're elders in the family who wants a banquet thrown and especially if you are the first child of your family to get married.

In a way, Mr. Keir and myself is lucky that both side of our family are open to the idea of us skipping the whole wedding dinner banquet thingy. (read: we're both not the first child to get married)

So we're going to make full use of this opportunity to do it the modern way!

Ok now, for Modern Weddings, some couples may have thought of a Wedding Lunch.
Why not? it's cheaper, less rush and more relax.

Then again, will it really be CHEAPER?

Well that depends on where are you holding your wedding lunch.

Wedding lunches at hotels these days don't come by cheap, it's easily a minimum of $700++ per table.
Yes, it's merely a $10-$20 difference per pax if you calculate that way.

Now, the next question is, how about the difference in "Ang Pow" you'll be getting?

Wow, it's gonna be a Big Difference. The common or usual perception of a lunch = it's alot cheaper than dinner.

At dinners, most will still try to bao the market rate of $100 and above for hotels. But there're just a handful who knows the current market rate of wedding lunches. Chances are, although it's only a mere $10-$20 difference in the price you pay, but the difference in "ang pow" you'd received will be much more than that, hence the larger possibility of you losing money at the end of the day.

Especially if you are one looking into breaking-even rather than taking the wedding costs or investments as a sum you can afford to spend on without recouping.

Image source

For a start, i've done quite a bit of research, getting quotations from various hotels on wedding dinners as well as lunch / hi -tea. I'd lump Lunch and hi-tea together cos the costs' about the same.
But personally I love hi-teas! and I'm sure most of us do...right? (the above pic probably gave you an idea of how i'm gona plan for my hi-tea celeb!!)
I mean for lunch they usually have the typical fried rice, beehoon bla bla, like c'mon la you can eat these on every other day & almost anywhere loh...

Oops back to the topic, so i've quite a few packages to share so if anyone is interested, just let me know.

Alrighty so the "soon-to-be-Mrs.-Keir" went through some amount of stress, completely lost at the vast amount of choices that we Singaporean Couples have.

First the venues, there're

1) Hotels
2) Restaurants
3) Country Clubs
4) Beach Venues
5) Parks
6) Alfresco Places
7) Yatch...etc

Some of the useful venue listings I've chanced upon and remembered;

Extraordinary Weddings Site
Singapore Brides Venues
Wedding Plan Venues
SG 88db Wedding Venues Directory

I hope these will be useful for you, anything you need, just google for it! you'll find truckloads of information on the net.
Don't be like some of the lazy brides-to-be i've seen in forums, asking questions without searching through the forums or bothering to at the very least google for it like asking people 'where is this place ABC? what's so special about it?"
Hello!!?? GOOGLE LA!!! bother to start a new topic and ask, why not just type in those few words in GOOGLE! Duhzzz!!!! *rolls eyes**

The "Format" finally decided

After a few weeks of data collating, some squabbles here and there, feedback from families and close friends, we've decided to skip the Wedding Dinner Banquet and proceed with Lunch or Hi tea..WOOHooo...!!!!

i love pastries and hi tea so much i reckon i'll probably be one of the brides who ate the most on her wedding day..lolx

Ok now that the format has been more or less confirmed, it's much easier to choose the venue right?

Also we do take note of the risk of not being able to recoup our cost by not throwing a dinner banquet instead.
But hey, afterall a wedding is about the both of us right? So we can keep it small-scaled to try to keep the cost low. (like also can't be low till where since wedding costs has been increasing...)

We'll be inviting only our close friends and close relatives. And yes with close relatives i mean leaving those people whereby you meet only once a year either during Chinese New year or funerals out.
in that way, as we minimize our guest list, we have more budget to spend on better food and venue for our beloved guests! (we've successfully reduced the guest list by Half, leaving most of my paternal relatives out..=X)

As Mr. Keir suggested, we shall take the amount of money as our wedding investment that we're willing to splurge as a form of celebration with our close friends and relatives instead of looking at recouping the cost. (of cos being able to recoup the costs will be a perfect bonus to us and contributes to our BB funding! )

In this way the whole wedding affair seemed more meaningful and relaxing in a way.
Mr. Keir's thinking makes so much sense and I'd felt so much better listening to his thoughts.

So we're doing the 'ang moh' way, the modernized wedding more like a wedding reception where we'll have plenty of time to mingle around with our friends...woohoo!

My only worries will be getting a suitable wedding gown, as we've already signed our bridal package and part of the reason why i like that studio was the pretty pretty gowns they carry!!

shall try to update soon on the shortlisted venues as well as venues that fits into the modern wedding reception concept....


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