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Site Visit @ Stewords RiverBoat

It was a 1 bird kill 2 stone visit. Since this place was one of our consideration plus the whole idea seems refreshing, we'd decided to proceed to this venue to celebrate my bff's birthday!
At the very same time, we can try the quality of the food and take a look at the site itself.

Thank you to my friends for being so chin-chai and agreeing to try out this place.

I think there's quite a lack of publicity on this place and it's 'ulu' location didn't help much either.

It is located at Marina South Pier. Yes, the old Marina South where we used to eat the cheap steamboats and where Canto Disco used to be at.

The whole area is still kind of under development right now so the road towards the Marina South Pier seemed so much like a construction site with all the sites surrounding it.

It's located somewhere near the Marina Barrage but of a different direction, you just need to follow the road directions to Marina South Pier and you'll be safe!

Food Quality

I've taken the above image from SY conveniently. Hehz..
The food's mexican and most of the dishes are quite yummy I must say, other then the jelly that served as part of the dessert.

I'm not sure if this will be a good gauge as the food we've tried is the Santa Fe Grill or something, and I don't think they offer the exact same menu for wedding. Or rather I'm not sure if it's better to have the food served buffet style or by individual servings.

So ok, food-wise this place certainly passed the mark.
Ambience, novelty wise, it's a confirmed pass too!

Here's the function room ...a rough idea

I've seen a video clip of a wedding taking place at Stewords Riverboat and i must say the scenery and images really look beautiful.

It's defnitely a unique venue and unique experience for our guests as compared to a traditional banquet.
The down side of this venue

1) Sea Sickness!
for some not used to being out at the sea, they may not feel comfy on the river boat itself as the boat may rock from time to time with every passing vessels.
Risk or Opportunity?: I'd say it's both! We can actually have a nicely packaged "Out-in-the-sea Saviour Kit" as our wedding favours, with sea-sick pills inside, as well as a mini bottle of medicated oil. LOLx..
On the other hand, we wouldn't one any of our guest to feel sick or unwell. We want them to enjoy themselves.

2) Inconvenient Location & lack of parking lots
Some guests may have problem locating the area due to the 'ulu-ness' and it's mainly construction sites surrounding this pier. For those who don't drive, they have to take the feeder bus from Marina Bay MRT station and it stops right outside the pier
The carpark area ain't very big at the pier so parking could be an issue as well.
Actually most of them drive i supposed, including a map with detailed driving instructions on our invitation cards may help, also for those who don't drive, the bus stops right outside Marina South Pier so that shouldn't be a problem.
I'm also exploring the idea of tying balloons along the roads as a form of 'markings' for the guests?
The carpark might be really a aheadache man, i forgot to count how many lots were there in the carpark, however there's actually lots along the road that they can park too.

3) the WEATHER!!
the weather will play a crucial role on our big day man! the loveliest part of this venue is the solemnization at the top deck, having the sea as the back drop and the sea breeze...bla bla....but if kena wet weather then good luck liaoz.
Not that there ain't any wet weather plans, we can still solemnize indoors but it kinda defeat the purpose already right?
and you know how choppy the waters can get on a wet weather.
on a brighter note, we're looking at early March, so reckon it probably wouldn't rain?

4) Space Constrain
You know la, everything onboard is subject to space constrain so that means if I'm thinking of some little activities or photo booth for my guests etc, I've to take that into consideration neh!
Also have to move from 2nd deck to top deck also means I can't wear a long gown or one with trains..=(

At this moment, both Mr. Keir and myself like this place better than Butterfly Park and we shall KIV till we visit 2 of our other shortlisted sites.

Oh and the other down side (though interesting), there's a risk of having a SANDSTORM in that area! i mean ok you're safe if you're on the riverboat but as you're walking towards the car park, if there's strong gusts of wind, the sand starts flying!!
Think it's due to the so many construction sites nearby, here's what we captured yesterday,

though this image was taken a while after we left the affected place so it may not look as bad..but trust me, it look really scary la..we're like running to our car when the sand starts flying into your eyes man,


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