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Our Taiwan Kids Friendly Itinerary Day 4 > Yilan to Taipei

Day 4: Yilan > Crayon Factory > Taipei Children Amusement Park > 3 nights stay in Rido Hotel

> 蜡藝彩繪館,Crayon Factory in SuAo, DIY markers and crayon - MUST GO!
> 青蔥博物館,Spring Onion Museum - skipped
> Taipei Children Amusement park, Shih Lin District - affordable amusement rides
> Checked-in Rido Hotel in Taipei at 6 pm 
> Yongkang street for dinner - 8 mins walk from hotel 

Cost of hiring driving: 5h 2500NT SGD115

After 2 nights stay at Miffy Baby B&B, it's time to check out and move on to Taipei where we will be spending 3 nights.

We slept in and got our driver to pick us up at Miffy Baby B&B only at 1030am so Sticky Bean can have all the fun she wants in the room before saying bye to her favourite "Cars room".
Checking out was a breeze, all we have to do is to get our of the room and leave our room key in a basket.

Lucky Art Crayon Factory - Su Ao
No.7, Dexing 6th Rd., Su’ao Township, Yilan County 270, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Since we've engaged a driver today, we will visit the more out-of-place, not easily accessible Lucky Art Crayon Factory today. It's located in an industrial area where it's surrounded by factories.

About Lucky Art Crayon Factory 

Lucky Art Crayon Factory is one of the only remaining crayon factories in Taiwan. In addition to crayons and colored pens, it has also developed a variety of body paint pigments often used for carnivals and major events in Europe and the United States today. But in recent years, Lucky Art Crayon Factory has transformed into a tourism factory, opening its door to kids who love to doodle and draw, and who enjoy stretching their creativity here. 

There is no doubt that this is a great place to spend time with your kids drawing pictures and making crayons together. Visitors can experience the excitement of making souvenirs for themselves or putting on costumes and becoming a superstar. You only need to buy an entry ticket once and it covers all of the different spaces in the factory. If you would like to see everything on offer here, you will probably need to spend more than one hour exploring. And remember - children will love it here!

Ticket price: NT$200 per pax but NT$100 is redeemable for their products

Station 1: Colouring station

They will issue 1 piece of paper for colouring per pax only and some stencils for you to use. 
Here's a huge area where you can just sit and let your child do some colouring over the differently textured stencil while waiting for the next DIY marker class to start.

Sticky Bean doing her colouring. She doesn't really like to colour over the textures though

 These are fun surfaces for your child to scribble and doodle on as well. Good idea to allow visitors to test the quality of the products. I was impressed with the whiteboard crayon and how easy it is to clean them off with a wet cloth. So impressed that I ended up buying 3 sets, 1 set for Sticky Bean and 2 sets for her cousins.
I've this thinking that using crayon on whiteboard is definitely less toxic than using the whiteboard markers.


Station 2: DIY your markers

It's time to attend our DIY marker session. This is really fun and interesting, even for adults. All classes are conducted in mandarin though.
They instructor will give you step by step instructions and it's really pretty simple. 

Sticky Bean had plenty of fun trying to hammer the pen caps in and watching the tube soak up the ink of her choice.

Each ticket entitles you to create 3 markers so we have a total of 9.

Station 3: Select your Crayon in your favourite mould

Not really a DIY for this. You get to pick 1 mould of your choice and select the colour you would like. As they are dealing with really high temperature for this, the staff will do the pressing of the crayon etc for you. 

Station 4

While waiting for your crayon to be done, you can then select your recycled crayon material of choice here and DIY it into the mould they have.

The more colourful ones look a lot prettier.

Watching the staff pour her recycled crayon bits into the machine

Press and press and press with all her might

Harder my harder..

Sticky bean holding on to her crayons

Station 5

Body painting time! An instructor will teach you the basics of body painting, they have water based (similar to watercolour) and oil based (crayon). Even though the instructor mention that the oil based will last better in a hot weather as it is more resistant to perspiration my water based drawing lasted a lot longer than Sticky Bean's and Mr. Keir's oil based drawing.

Sticky bean choosing the design she wants

Sticky Bean watching me draw a pikachu on her hand patiently. Ok I'm not a good artist.'s difficult to draw with a blunt crayon too!


And so I draw a pokemon ball on Mr. Keir and flowers for myself

Station 6

Photo booth!
They have plenty of masks, costumes and wigs available for you to take funny photos with. We'd plenty of fun here as well.


We spent about 2 hours in total at Lucky Art Crayon Factory and move off to Taipei. We reach Taipei in an hour's time, close to 2 pm. Originally we've planned to visit Taipei Children Amusement Park on one of our free & easy days but our driver was saying that it's not as easily accessible as other places we may want to visit.

Hence he recommends that he can drop us at Taipei Children Amusement Park in Shi Lin District. This is a blessing in disguise as we well since it's a weekday so we can avoid potential weekend crowds.

Taipei Children Amusement Park
The price of the entrance ticket to Taipei Children Amusement Park is insanely cheap!  

Adult: NT30 (SGD1.43)
Child (>7): NT15 (SGD0.70)

Kids below the age of 7 enter free. The rides are charged separately and you will need their Easycard which is like our EZlink card to enter and to take the rides.
Each ride cost NT20 to NT30 per pax. 
I'd prefer this kind of system compared to the rides inclusive in entrance tickets structure. 
There is a free outdoor and another free indoor playground in Taipei Children Amusement Park as well.

They have a huge food court too. We were so hungry we needed to eat and started attacking the snack shops there the moment we entered the park. Only to find out they have a huge food court further in. AArgh!!!

The prices of the food served in the food court is really reasonable as well. Prices average around SGD5.

We finally found a Milo alternative for Sticky Bean = Ovalmatine! They do not sell Milo in Taiwan and Sticky Bean is addicted to Milo. Glad that we managed to make her take ovalmatine instead.

The first ride that attracted Sticky Bean's attention was this underwater themed carousel. Actually, she loves all kinds of carousel so off we go for a carousel ride.

And then we discovered the food court when we're on the carousel so we head off to the food court for a proper meal! 

Entertaining herself while waiting for our food

And then we went for the ferris wheel ride! Wanted to test if Sticky Bean will be afraid of heights as we're planning to visit Maokong Gondola. Don't want her to freak out during the 30mins long cable car ride.

Sticky Bean with her newly learnt post. The photographer at the ferris wheel ride taught her to pose like this at the photo booth.

A nice view of Taipei Children Amusement Park from atop the Ferris Wheel

And turns out, Sticky Bean is a fan of height and great views!

There were a couple of rides including bumper car where Sticky Bean wasn't allowed on. Their min height for most rides averages around 100cm. Stick Bean stands at 95cm so she can only take a handful of the rides.
I would say Taipei Children Amusement Park will suit slightly older children aged 5 and above due to the height requirements for most of the rides.
Unlike Leofoo Village Themepark where we're able to take Sticky Bean on all of the kiddy rides.

To make up for this, there is a FREE indoor playground for children with a huge ball pit but there is a capacity and fixed timing per round so you have to get a ticket or Q number. I reckon you may not get a slot on a weekend. We're lucky that we're in time for the last slot of the day from 4:00 pm to 4:50 pm. 

Mega ball pit! 

Definitely having fun

Do remember to bring your socks as well.

There area also a few arcades within Taipei Children Amusement Park with lots of kiddy rides suitable for the younger ones.

Our driver came to pick us up around 5:30pm. We're pretty exhausted by then to go anywhere else hence we opt to check in at our hotel, Rido Hotel which is opposite Da an Forest Park and right next to the MRT.

Rido Hotel
So glad we booked the upgraded room which is a corner unit and a lot bigger than their standard sized rooms. 

Here's the entrance to the hotel room. The bathroom is on the left and the bedroom to the right.

Huge bathroom with a huge bath tub and separate shower area complete with rain shower

lots of space

The location of Rido Hotel is superb, right next to Da An Park MRT Station, which is along the red line that will get you to most places conveniently and a 7-11 just downstairs too.

After a refreshing shower, we walked to Yongkang street, which is known as a food street to hunt for our dinner.
Yongkang street is about 8 minutes walk from our hotel and it's really crowded on a Friday night. We went into a low profile shop near the end of the street as it's less crowded there.

This is the crazy crowd outside Ding Tai Fung located along YongKang street. Apparently, this is the first and original Ding Tai Fun in Taiwan. The number of people waiting for their tables is absolutely crazy!

Yongkang street

Didn't snap any photos of our food though. The only reason we went to Yongkang street was because it's near our hotel. If you would like to come all the way from somewhere else to Yongkang street, I will suggest you can give this street a miss. 
There're a few shops selling knicks knacks, socks, clothes and pharmacies as well.

Managed to get 3 kids socks at NT150 and a whole load of beauty diary mask from Cosmed. 

Quick review of our Taiwan Child Friendly Itinerary Day 4: We had a blast at the Crayon Factory surprisingly! Really enjoyed ourselves DIY-ing our markers, crayons, trying our hands on body painting as well so it is definitely a MUST GO!
It was an impromptu decision to head to Taipei Children Amusement Park as our driver mentioned that it's better if he sent us there since the place is not accessible by MRT but we're pretty disappointed with the number of rides Sticky Bean can take.


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