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Taiwan Kids Friendly Itinerary Day 3> Free & Easy Yilan

Day 3: FREE & Easy: Yilan  > Yinong Ranch > Jimmi Park > Luodong Night Market

Miffy Baby B&B provides breakfast. It's not the usual homestay Minsu where some of them prepare and cook breakfast for your guest. At Miffy Baby B&B, they will get takeaways as your breakfast so breakfast is obviously not a fanciful affair here.

That's what we have. 2 different types of burger/sandwich and for a kids meal consisting of fish nuggets and little bites. Tea for the adults and flavoured milk for the kid.
Definitely not sticky bean's kind of breakfast so often times she will just have her milk and some biscuits.

It's a hit and a miss having breakfast at Miffy Baby B&B. It's definitely convenient having breakfast served right up your door steps especially on days where you may like to sleep in and enjoy the room.

Having fun while watching cartoon whilst Daddy & Mummy freshens up

We can totally tell how much she loved this cars room

Today will be the first FREE & Easy day in Yilan since we've arrived in Taiwan for our Taiwan Trip with a Kid Friendly Itinerary. 

I can't emphasize enough that both Mr. Keir and myself enjoy a really chillax itinerary especially when we travel and sometimes we'd like to go with 'no plan is the best plan'

Just the night before, I googled and decided that we should visit one of the farms today. So I check with the caretaker of Miffy Baby B&B between Yinong Ranch and Happiness 20 Farm but the lady was saying that most people go to Yinong Ranch instead of Happiness 20 Farm as it's bigger. She helped us boat a cab to fetch us there.

The thing about cab fares in Yilan, it's more expensive than cab fares in Taipei for some reasons. But overall it's still reasonable, cheaper than cab fares in Singapore I guess.

That's Sticky Bean waiting patiently for our cab.
The cab fare to Yinong Ranch from our Miffy Baby B&B located in Luodong Township costs us about $10.00.

So here we are. You're required to pay the entrance fee here, since it's self-service, please be honest and not try to scrimp. The entrance fees are reasonably priced at just NT30, SGD1.40 per pax.

Here is where you can purchase some animal feeding at reasonable prices. For us, we merely bought the long grass to feed the goat and a bottle of milk to feed the lambs.

Very kampong feel

You can purchase milk bottles to feed these piglets too

Rabbits and guinea pigs


Goats..tons of them!

Sticky Bean enjoyed feeding the goats and lamb the most. She took no interest to feeding other animals.
A huge bunch of long grass like this cost just NT30 SGD$1.40 approximately. Very reasonably priced unlike in Singapore where a basket of animal feed cost up to $5 at Farmart.

The goats here seemed really hungry and take care of your belongings especially you're carrying a backpack as the enclosures are pretty close to the ones opposite them. One of the adult goats nibbled at my backpack! 

Attempting to 'sayang' the lambs

The lambs were so much more docile compared to their adult counterparts

The adult goats can get pretty aggressive when they see you holding food. So do make sure you stay with your child.

The staff advised using two hands to hold on to the milk bottles as the lambs can suckle really hard. This is all so true..They suckle so hard, the milk bottle doesn't even last for 2 minutes.

Very nice space with some paid activities to keep children entertained. There's an are where they can fish water balloons from the pail at NT50 unlimited play. But we didn't want to get stuck there for too long so we didn't allow Sticky Bean to play despite her pleas.

Some swings at the 'playground' area. Weather's getting hot today!

We wanted to get some ice cream to cool our body temperature in such a hot weather. Unfortunately, we don't really appreciate ice cream made from goat's milk. It's a good thing we always bring snacks along for Sticky Bean so Sticky Bean gets to chomp on her favourite snack.

An area near the sink where you can wash your hands

We spent about 2 hours at Yinong Ranch. Since it's a rest and relaxing day we have 2 options for the day. It's to visit the National Centre for Traditional Arts where there might be DIY activities and for a chance for us to learn more about the culture and other forms of traditional arts or to get to Yilan Train Station Visitor Centre and check out the free tourist bus that brings you to some of the food factories.

We've read that National Centre for Traditional Arts became pretty commercialised these days and might be more suited if you have older children with you who might appreciate the DIY sessions hence we chose the later.

Alternative 1: 
Other places to consider: 

image from here

If you have older children, consider visiting 國立傳統藝術中心, National Centre for traditional arts but do take note that it closes at 6 pm

> 國立傳統藝術中心, National Centre for traditional arts,No. 201, Section 2, Wubin Rd, Wujie Township, Yilan County, Taiwan 268
> 丟丟噹親子餐廳 (optional for lunch or when free), 宜蘭縣羅東鎮復興路一段115號, Luodong, 電話: 03-955-8889,  Operational timing 營業時間: Mon-Fri 週一-週五: 11:30 - 20:30 Weekends 週六-週日: 11:00 - 21:00

Alternative 2:
image from StuckinTaiwan
Consider taking the FREE Yilan Tourist Bus shuttle which mainly brings you for factory visit with lots of free tasting!

Yilan train station. Take bus from Yilan Visitor Information Ctr  宜蘭勁好行755 bus schedule

* 雅典蛋糕
* 宜蘭縣宜蘭市梅洲二路140號
* 宜蘭窯烤山寨村

So here's the popular 'must-go- Jimmi Park area at Yilan Train Station. If you're a fan of the illustrator, this is supposedly the must-go. But really, there's nothing much here other than photo taking opportunities. So you can skip this easily.

Went for an extremely value for money hotpot lunch near Yilan Train Station. I chose the wrong soup broth though, some milky cheese something. It was too milky for my delight.

Mr. Keir striking a deal with stick bean. lol. And yes that's alot of beef on the table, apparently they had a promotion where they give you a complimentary plate of beef

We went free and easy and walked around the vicinity to explore but the weather that day was a killer. Was contemplating to visit 幸福转运站 - an indoor playground that looks artistic - which looks like a walking distance from Yilan Train Station. But they do charge a fee and there were mixed reviews about this place. Under the hot weather, we've decided to call it a day and make our way back to Miffy Baby B&B for a nap and rest before exploring Luodong Night market for dinner.

I mean if you invest so much in a room especially filled with fun for the child, you need to cater more time for the child to enjoy and play in the room right. In fact, Sticky bean requested to go back to the 'cars room' almost immediately after lunch.

We took a metered cab from Yilan Train Station to Miffy Baby B&B in Luodong Township and it costs us around SGD13.

Luodong Night Market

We ventured to Luodong Night Market in the evening. True enough, it was indeed less than 10 minutes walk to Luodong Night Market.

Boy are we lucky to walk past this 


must buy in Yilan especially if you're a cake lover. Coincidentally this place is just a 5 minutes walk from our accommodation and I chanced upon it while on our way to Luo Dong Night Market. Lucky me!!! 

As with most night markets in Taiwan, they are filled with games stall like this. A must play for Sticky Bean in Taiwan. The prices are so much more reasonable and I like how they have the concept everyone's a winner. Doesn't matter what their score is, they get to choose a prize based on the number of balls we purchased. There prizes/ toys were pretty decent too, in comparison to how much we pay for a game. A game cost SGD2 to SGD5.


And so that's all Sticky Bean had for dinner. But there were 5 pieces of these and she finished 4 pieces so that should be really filling for her.

That's sticky bean trying to tell the stall owner how old she is.

The food at Luodong Night Market's probably so-so. It was definitely crowded even on a weekday night.

Make it back to Sticky Bean's favourite 'cars room' earlier. 

Sticky Bean totally enjoying the room.

Quick review of our Taiwan Child Friendly Itinerary Day 3: Yinong Ranch was a blast for Sticky Bean as she enjoyed feeding the animals. The animal feeds were also very reasonably priced


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